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Ysgol Gynradd Gymunedol Nantgaredig

Welcome to Nantgaredig School

Nantgaredig is a happy school. The teachers and support staff are all hardworking and conscientious and have a wonderful relationship with the pupils.

We pride ourselves on the broad, balanced and full curriculum we offer, the high standards of teaching and learning and the effective working relationship with parents and the local community.

Welsh is obviously an integral component of our school. It’s the main language of lessons, the language of the school community as a whole and we also focus on our rich culture as part of our school curriculum.

We value our pupils and believe that their time in school should be rewarding and fulfilling.

The school handbook can be found in the 'Documents' section of the website.

 Our aim is to ensure that Nantgaredig school pupils are happy and safe in order to learn.

School vision (pupil voice) - Learn today for a better tomorrow


Language Charter Vision:

Cadw'r Gymraeg yn fyw

(Keeping the Welsh language alive)


Inspection Report 2014.pdf 

         Nantgaredig school Safeguarding Documents 

     Click on the Safeguarding Tab for relevant policies



 Arrangements for the beginning of Autumn Term 2020


Tuesday, September 1st: 1st INSET of the year (Governors agreed to this folowing major electrical work across the school)

Wednesday, September 2nd: Operational day without children (for Covid-19)

Thursday, September 3rd: Operational day without children (for Covid-19)

Friday, September 4th: First day for children (about 50%)

Monday, September 7th: Groups of children (50%)

Tuesday, September 8th: Groups of children (70%)

Wednesday, September 9th: Groups of children (70%)

Thursday, September 10th: All children

Friday, September 11th: All children

From Monday, September 14th – all pupils every day 

(See detailed table for further details in the Documents section of Ourschoolsapp and the school reopening section on the website. The names of pupils in all groups will also be available to view in these places).


Click on the link below for Carmarthenshire term dates:


The link for pupils admissions procedures can be found on the Carmarthenshire County website link below. January 31st 2021 is the last day for next year's admissions applications.


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